Another foodie Saturday

Today I had another Urdu lesson, and then went back to the food market. This time I had a Moroccan meatball stew with vegetables and cous cous…


…followed by a slice of fig, honey and hazelnut tart:


And then I spent a very satisfying afternoon producing ratatouille, a carrot cake, and a courgette cake, for the LFGSS Bake-Off that I’m going to tomorrow. (I’m ridiculously excited about a whole roomful of cyclists and cake, and very much encouraged by how seriously people seem to be taking their contributions.)


The carrot cake was made to my mother’s recipe, which is a curious fusion of two others – Cranks and Sarah Brown. It’s crazily easy (I must have had it in the oven within ten minutes), and goes thus:

4oz butter
4oz honey
4oz sugar (Mum usually leaves this out; I compromised and put in 2oz)

stir in:
6oz SR flour
2oz dessicated coconut (apparently this really complements the texture of the carrot, but I didn’t have any, and so left it out)
8oz grated carrot
2oz raisins
1 tsbp (according to Sarah Brown) / 1tsp (according to Cranks)
1 tsp nutmeg

2 beaten eggs (which I left out, in order to make the cake vegan)

30-45 minutes

And that’s it! It was made from start to finish while the courgette cake was undergoing its 3-hour oven marathon, and seems to have turned out rather well. I’ll report back on the courgette cake tomorrow, once I’ve checked it’s fit for human consumption.


One Response to “Another foodie Saturday”

  1. Tom Says:

    There’s something slightly sinister/odd about the 3rd cake down! ;o)

    Enjoyed reading your blog, thanks.

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