Cake for a good cause

I’ve been baking again. Possibly more than I’ve ever baked in my life. You see the brownies in the foreground of the picture? That’s one of four trays. And the flapjacks? Each tray is double-quantity. My mother would have a heart attack.

And I’ve put a lot of effort and imagination into this. The brownies come in two flavours (walnuts and mixed berries); the flapjacks come in three (lemon and poppyseed, raisin and almond, mango and coconut).

And why am I going to all this trouble? Tomorrow’s a very special day.

It’s Cycle Courier Appreciation Day, as organized by Moving Target and the lovely chaps at the LCEF. And various lovely people are going to be standing around where Shaftesbury meets Bloomsbury, handing out coffee, (my) cake, various freebies, and bike repairs. My controller (Andy) even said he tried to get time off work to go and help out, but was turned down – a shame, as accepting a coffee from your controller whilst bombing down into Covent Garden would be rather surreal.

I’m actually quite excited about it – I love events like this, where you end up with a big cloud of goodwill and mutual regard floating above you, and everyone’s happy and being nice to each other. And it’s a bit like birthdays and Christmas – we’ll all feel special and important for once. (Well, except me. I feel special and important every day.)

I’ll try and get some photos of the event itself tomorrow. And keep my fingers crossed that a) it doesn’t rain and b) the brownies aren’t reduced to rubble in my bag on the way down.


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