Cold weather comforts

Obviously, no one is bothering to go to work in between Christmas and New Year, and consequently, no one’s booking any couriers either. I think I’ve averaged seven jobs a day this week, and this means hours and hours of sitting around doing nothing. And the weather continues to be horrible – cold sleet the whole time. I’ve been very glad of these:

(Waterproof socks and gloves, by Sealskinz. One of those pieces of kit that quite simply changed my life.)

But I still got very cold yesterday, hanging around in doorways and bus shelters and the like. Whenever I couldn’t bear it any longer, I’d go and buy myself an overpriced coffee and the chance to sit down somewhere warm for a while. And of course, within five minutes, I’d be called away, for a job that kept me cycling for about ten minutes, and then left me to freeze to death on the other side of town.

But today I realized I could spend the whole day in bookshops. I think I visited five or six in all. And I was warm and cosy all day long. Of course, I spent rather more on books than I would have on coffee. But somehow I don’t mind that so much. Not when I have warm toes.


2 Responses to “Cold weather comforts”

  1. redbikes Says:

    I’ve just found this blog and i’m loving it.

    It’s a shame Sealskinz socks don’t remain waterproof for very long. .

    • thatmessengerchick Says:

      Hmmm, yes. Mine sort of come and go. Some days they could hold back a tsunami; others they barely cope with a puddle. I suppose the next step up would be winter boots…

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