Gender pay gap

I found out today, quite to my surprise, that I’m regularly the highest-earning pushbike in the fleet. Yesterday I even earned more than some of the motorbikes.

This surprises me because, whenever I run into another courier, and have the usual “How’s it going?” “Busy?” conversation, they usually say something like “Yeah, it’s really quiet today – I’ve only done about 22 jobs so far.” For me, 22 jobs counts as a good day, so I’ve long assumed that I must be one of the slow ones, or perhaps the controllers give me less work. I worried that it might have something to do with being the only girl in the fleet – either because people assume girls are less able, and therefore give them less work, or because girls are physically weaker, and therefore slower (and I hate having to think that!).

But clearly it’s just because everyone lies about how much work they’re getting!

And in other news: look – snowdrops!

(King’s Bench Walk, EC4; this morning.)


2 Responses to “Gender pay gap”

  1. Clare Says:

    My female controller when i was a rider at Premier some years back definitly gave me less work than some of my female counterparts. I looked forward to having a female controller and was rather disappointed with my job tally.

    Im no longer a courier but this pay gap policy is quietly enforced by HR where I work now.
    Generally the girls are prone to working less than the male counterparts, coupled with maternity leave, we factor this risk and this allows us to employ the women at a reduced rate. Not my policy, just my Banks.

  2. Clare Says:

    and HR is run by women and gay guys in my dept.

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