Ticking boxes

To balance out all the pictures of cake, I tried to take some actual cycling shots today.

It was quite fun.

First I rode up to City Bikes on 38th, to see if they could sort out my bars. They said they’d have to replace them (which was always going to be the case, really, despite my fantasies of bashing them back into place with a big hammer), and showed me various bars, and I realized it was going to cost me close to $100.

So I’ve decided to leave them as they are for now, following the logic that I spend enough on fixing my bike when it’s totally broken, without having to fix it when it’s only a little bit dented. (Plus, I’ll be spending more than a month’s wages on a road bike the day I get back to London. Yes I will.)

I headed east, and found myself on the Greenway – a cycle path that goes all the way round Manhattan, next to the water. There were ruined piers, that look like bizarre abstract sculptures.

I headed downtown, following a girl on an elegant road bike and a guy on a silly little BMX.

Taking photos whilst riding is actually quite fun, as I discovered when I got to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Then I rode over to Union Square, to seek out my daily cupcake. It was a difficult decision.

In the end I went for chocolate praline.

The two men walking their dogs in the background spotted me photographing my cupcake, and laughed, and offered to hold it for me. I was slightly embarrassed.

And then I had a lovely evening with a couple of friends, where I managed to tick off a huge chunk of my ‘must do/see/eat while in NYC’ list. First we went to a bar that sold cupcakes (hurrah!), and also matched them to beers and wines. I had a raspberry red velvet cake with cream cheese icing.

This means I don’t have to have a cupcake tomorrow. (Unless I want to, of course.)

Then we went to a quintessential New York cocktail bar, hidden away in a basement, behind an unmarked door, with a four-piece jazz band taking up most of the room. (It felt a bit too intimate to be taking photos.) We followed it up with a visit to a local gay bar, which was the same as all gay bars the world over (cheap cocktails, queeny men, Lady Gaga on a loop).

And then we had pizza and tacos, and I had my first ride in a real live New York cab (back to my friends’ flat, even thought it was only a 10-minute walk). And then I had a lovely lovely ride home, speeding through the warm almost-spring air, along the long, smooth quiet streets, and wishing it were twice as far. And I was too drunk to take photos, but sober enough not to try. Thankfully.


7 Responses to “Ticking boxes”

  1. Groover Says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog and absolutely love the description of your day. What a great way of spending time and drift seemingly aimless through a big city like New York. Awesome. Will be back to read more about how many different cupcakes you are eating. LOL They look delicious by the way.

  2. redbikes Says:

    Pictures of bikes and cakes. Lovely!

    I hope your shoulder is on the mend.

    I can’t wait to see what this new bling bike is. Have you named him/her yet?

  3. trio25 Says:

    These pictures of cupcakes are making me want to fly to NY now!

  4. thatmessengerchick Says:

    The new bike doesn’t have a name yet. I’m more concerned about how I’m going to cope with a freewheel after four years of fixed! But I’m ridiculously excited about it. Expect lots of photos on the 18th.

  5. redbikes Says:

    After just 2/3 weeks of riding fixed when I switch back to a bike with a freewheel my pedals feel like they’re sticking in the 1oclock/ 7 oclock position.
    Theres also often a moment of panic when I get to the end of my road and try to stop as normal by back-pedalling, which isn’t quite as effective on a geared bike!

  6. thatmessengerchick Says:

    Yes, and I tend to forget I have gears, and ride along very slowly for a couple of hours with my legs going like the clappers – until I remember I can change up, and then VROOM!

  7. Cudzoziemiec Says:

    “The two men walking their dogs in the background spotted me photographing my cupcake, and laughed, and offered to hold it for me. I was slightly embarrassed.”

    I was reminded of this post (no, it hasn’t been in my mind for a year, I only read it recently) yesterday when I saw two women taking photos of cup cakes on College Green (grassy area in centre of Bristol) with the cathedral as backdrop. They turned out to be French (yes, I did talk to them… ) but not tourists, they’re on some kind of work experience thing.

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