Other cyclists

I just spent an hour on the top of the Williamsburg Bridge, with a bunch of New York bike messengers, drinking beer, and watching the sun set over Manhattan. These photos don’t even begin to do it justice. But rest assured it was a million times more exhilarating and picturesque than the Foundry on a Friday night.

It was interesting watching all the commuters heading across the bridge into Brooklyn – especially as it was the most cyclists I’ve seen since I got here. I don’t know if it’s just because New York is bigger (and therefore the traffic’s more spread out), but there seem to be far fewer cyclists around than there are in London. Most of the bikes I see on a daily basis are being ridden by food delivery guys – then there are a few couriers (though far fewer than in London, where you’re sure to pass at least five just riding from one end of High Holborn to the other), and just one or two civilians, usually on singlespeeds, although I did see a woman on a Brompton today, and a fleet of kids on BMXs.

What cyclists there are veer more towards the hipster end of the scale – the earnest hybrid-hi-viz brigade that takes over London between 4 and 6 every evening doesn’t seem to exist here.

But I did manage to find a few roadies to chase round Central Park.

And had fun taking more pictures whilst riding along.

Ooh look – the Guggenheim!

And I rode all the way to the top of Manhattan, to Harlem, to see what it looked like. It looked like this.

(i.e. uninspiring.)

And I had lots of fun looking for Cupcake Stop, a mobile cupcake van that parks in different parts of the city on different days, and advertises its whereabouts via Twitter.

I found it on 23rd and 5th

and this friendly chap

sold me this cake (rum and raisin).


2 Responses to “Other cyclists”

  1. trio25 Says:

    A cupcake van, what an amazing idea!

  2. redbikes Says:

    I think the hybrid-hi-viz brigade brigade only exists here in the big towns/cities.

    Around where I live I only see 2 or 3 ‘cyclists’ a week. They are nearly always riding a horrible MTB along the pavement with the saddle set far too low.

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