Over the last few days…

…I have been having lots of fun, and therefore not blogging (or photographing) as assiduously as usual.

There was a lot of rain over the weekend, which made me very glad I’m on holiday, and didn’t have to go out on my bike. That said, I did, and quickly realized why jeans are a bad idea. When they get wet, they get stiff, and chafe you. I’ll be going straight back to the lycra when I get home.

I spent lots of time reading in cafes.

And browsing in bookshops.

Needless to say, there was a lot of cake.

(Rather nice carrot cupcake, from an unpromising diner I happened to stumble into during a rainstorm.)

(Magnolia again. I didn’t mean to go back, but it was the only place open.)

(Butter Lane again. Because they were my favourites.)

And I’m starting to get to the stage where I’m a bit sick of cupcakes, and looking forward to getting home and eating bread, and carrots, and other things that won’t make me bounce off the walls. Which is a bit sad, but probably just as well really.


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