The new ride

I finally got round to taking some photos!

Isn’t it lovely?

No name as yet…


6 Responses to “The new ride”

  1. trio25 Says:

    A bike that lovely needs a name!

    So why the decision to go for gears?

  2. redbikes Says:

    Owww, now that is nice!

    I do like the sand colour. Is “It” a he or a she?

  3. Jumbly Says:

    Oooh, Salsa Casseroll. Very nice!

  4. Pete Says:

    Why so many spacers above the stem?

  5. thatmessengerchick Says:

    Still working out what height I want the bars. Have just about decided they need to go down an inch or so – after riding the bloody thing for over two months! Someone asked me today how many miles I’d done on it, and I squinted, and calculated, and came up with “erm… about 3,000?” I don’t think it really counts as new any more!

  6. Zip Says:

    Heh. Like the way you display it proudly on the bench.

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