The next adventure

In exactly a week, these four reprobates will be riding from Lands End to Leather Lane (that’s in London), to raise money for the LCEF.

Cripes. How far’s that?

300 miles.

HOW far?

Well, give or take. Depends how much we get lost.

And you’ll take about a week, right?

Three days, actually.

Remind me why you’re doing this?

To raise money for the London Courier Emergency Fund.

What’s that when it’s at home?

Well, cycle couriers work as self-employed subcontractors. If they have to take time off, whether it’s for a holiday, a hangover, or a hurty knee, they don’t get paid. And if a courier gets hit by a bus and breaks her leg – well, you can imagine. Several months in plaster, watching the bills stack up, and not making any money to pay them. The LCEF is a community-run fund, that provides help and financial support to couriers who have suffered an injury whilst at work.

That really sucks. Can’t the couriers form a union, and campaign for better working conditions?

It’s been tried in the past. The short answer is no.

How terrible. What can I do to help?

That’s very kind of you. The best thing is to donate money to the LCEF, via the PayPal link on their webpage. (I’d set up an online donations page, but the LCEF isn’t a registered charity. You are welcome to boast publicly about your donation though, to guilt-trip encourage others.)

I’m on it. Anything else?

Well, the intrepid foursome will be accepting donations of cake, socks, inner tubes and other important items, and if you live between Lands End and London, you could come out and cheer us on. And if you’re in London, we’ll be finishing at Fullcity Cycles (72 Leather Lane, EC1N 7TR – no website yet), and you’d be welcome to come along with beer, pizza, champagne, cake, that sort of thing. I mean, what else is there to do on a Sunday afternoon between bank holidays?

Tell me more!

We’ll be updating our Facebook statuses several times a day, and I’m hoping to work out a way of posting to this blog from my (not-very-flashy) phone (suggestions welcome). A Twitter feed is also a possibility, though that might be overdoing it – we will have to do some cycling at some point, after all. There will also be hundreds of photos taken along the way, and a video diary, to be published soon after the event.

Tune in to see how we cope with riding gears, and not being able to stop every 10 minutes to drink lattes and flirt with receptionists.

Any more questions?


One Response to “The next adventure”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Paypal link from LCEF site: “This recipient is currently unable to receive money.”
    Is this a temporary fault?

    Speak soon. L x

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