The End of the World

First there was the credit crunch, then the recession, then the …volcano?

No one ever thought a distant geological hiccup would make a difference to the courier workload. Turns out it did. No one thought it was possible for the workload to get any smaller. Turns out it was. Back in the good old days, I used to make £350 a week, and listen to the old-timers talking about the really good old days, when you made less than £500 and it was a bad week. And they in turn had to put up with even-older-timers going on about how they sometimes made as much as a grand. Now £250 is good going for most people – unheard-of for many.

This week I spoke to D., who made £85 for four days’ work last week, and £125 for five days’ work the week before.

I also spoke to F., who’s budgetting £100 per week for food and rent, hoping to afford a couple of beers on Friday night, and praying nothing goes wrong with his bike.

And N., who’s selling all his bikes, and just about everything else he owns, just to make ends meet.

And S., who’s two months behind on her rent, has run out of things to sell, and had to borrow a tenner from me to buy cat food.

And many others in the same boat.

And still some ignorant hipsters who “really want to get into couriering man”.

We’re all praying it won’t get any worse. But it’s already got this bad, so what’s stopping it? And, if it does, where do we go from here?


5 Responses to “The End of the World”

  1. Exenger of Doom Says:

    Fuck it. Get out while you still can. Let he hipsters live the dream – they deserve it

  2. Lucy Says:

    Is there actually anything stopping you getting a new job except the love of your current one? Don’t take this the wrong way….

  3. thatmessengerchick Says:

    I have another (top secret) job that’s keeping me going, otherwise I’d have had to quit long ago. I’m really just worried and depressed on the part of fellow couriers who DON’T have an escape route, or any viable alternative.

  4. redbike Says:

    I design factories for a living. Work is so slow i’m only getting paid for 2 days a week although I’m still at work full time.

    As you can see i’m on the net not exactly doing much at work!

  5. trio25 Says:

    I had this Dec, Jan, Feb. So little coming in as the weather meant hardly any cycle training. I have luckily just got a 4 month contract for the summer so its save save save so I can carry on doing a job I love through the winter.

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