Wearing clothes

I’ve posted too much doom and gloom lately, so here’s some pictures I took just now of holes in some of my cycling clothes.

Actually, holey clothing could easily be construed as doomy and gloomy, but I was in a good mood when I took the pictures, and I think some of them are really quite beautiful.

Here’s a nearly-worn-out pair of Swrve jeans.

And here – the first signs of wear and tear in my beloved Sugoi hoodie.

And a snag in the back.

And the jeans again, because I just love the texture.

Normal whinging will be resumed shortly.


8 Responses to “Wearing clothes”

  1. Exenger of Doom Says:

    I ruined four pairs of fairly expensive trousers before I realised it was this particular model of saddle that was causing the holes.

    If I hadn’t been so lazy-minded, stubbourn and skinflintish, and if I had just spent a measly £30 on a new seat, or just put the old seat back on, I would have avoided ruining £100+ worth of trousers.

    I am such an idiot.

  2. James Says:

    Out of interest, why not wear synthetic trousers, like the ones you fat in camping shops?

    I used to wear Jeans to work, which would wear out every three-four months. I changed over to synthetics about a year ago and the first pair I got are still wear free.

    It dries a lot quicker too!

    • thatmessengerchick Says:


      I always used to wear synthetics, and was a bit scathing of people who wore jeans. But then I was given a pair of the Swrve ones, and thought I’d try them out – and they actually lasted longer than the softshell trousers I was wearing before that! They’re cycling-specific, and have lycra, and seams in all the right places, so perhaps that makes a difference. I wear through all trousers in 2-3 months though – it’s just one of the casualties of the job, I guess. (Well, there was one pair, by Hypnotic Designs, that went on and on forever, but they were from my pre-courier days, and I lost so much weight when I started that they wouldn’t stay up any more, and I had to pass them on to my brother. I think they’re still going strong!

      Jeans are horrible in the rain though, you’re right.

  3. Redbike Says:

    Do you ride around in jeans and hoodies all the time? Do you not get a little ‘hot’?

    o/t I finally got my fixie back on the road today after 3 months of having it sat in a corner looking sorry for itself awaiting new parts.
    As I rode into work with my headphones in I couldn’t help but think about your fake Enger comments and feel like a complete fake.

    btw There are no playing cards in the wheels and I use a rucksack instead of a messenger bag. I only ride fixed because I ride along muddy paths and i’m too lazy to maintain the bike. 3/4days of bad weather and my gears nomally just die.

    • thatmessengerchick Says:


      Well, they’re cycling-specific jeans, and the amazing wonderful Sugoi merino hoodie (see earlier review: https://thatmessengerchick.wordpress.com/2010/01/08/a-tale-of-two-jerseys/). It is starting to get a bit hot though – the hoodie will eventually be retired for the summer.

      And you don’t sound like a fakenger – don’t worry! There’s much more to being a poseur than just riding a fixed-gear bike. That’s just good sense. 😉

    • Exenger of Doom Says:

      Why do you feel the need to justify riding a fixed wheel? Even after derailleurs became cheap and popular, many people still rode fixed wheels before the majority of couriers started using them.

  4. redbike Says:

    I’m worried fixed riding is becoming a fashion statement, its a craze I’m not that keen to belong to

  5. thatmessengerchick Says:

    Surely worrying obsessively about NOT being in fashion is just the same as worrying obsessively about BEING in fashion? Just ride the damn bike!

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