It’s a Bank Holiday Monday, no one has to go to work, and right now, this minute, as we speak, several London couriers, all of whom currently have “bored!!!!!!!” as their Facebook status, are debating going out to ride up and down hills (and then drink beer).

On any normal weekend, should I happen to go out on my bike, I run into at least two other couriers, also out on their bikes.

This morning I discovered this little beauty, right behind my house (I moved back to south London last week), and rode up it twice. I’m now seriously thinking about putting the Condor back together, just so I can go and try it out on fixed.

What’s wrong with us?


5 Responses to “Addicts”

  1. redbike Says:

    Talk about a busmans holiday

  2. Bassjunkieuk Says:

    Is it that is shows a hill that London obviously doesn’t have according to those that live outside the M25?

    Hailing from Crystal Palace I know that is utter rubbish!

  3. zero Says:

    That’s Canonbie Road, Forest Hill – isn’t it? I used to ride it as a teenager, testing myself on the queit roads.

  4. thatmessengerchick Says:

    Yep – that’s the one. Well spotted!

  5. zero Says:

    A bunch of us pushed a piano up that once – can’t remember why.

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