The karma of food

Yesterday morning I heard something fall to the ground as I raced along New Oxford Street, with two jobs on board. When I got to Soho I checked my bag and, sure enough, it had been my lunch.

Later that day, I was hanging around in Clerkenwell Tales, when the man from the butcher’s shop up the road came in and announced that he had four burgers going spare, and would anyone like one?

For once, life seemed more than fair.


4 Responses to “The karma of food”

  1. Redbike Says:

    I know you must burn off a lot of calories, but all four?

  2. Exenger of Doom Says:

    Who the f**k has ‘spare’ burgers?!

  3. thatmessengerchick Says:

    I didn’t eat all four. I could have, but other people felt their need was greater.

  4. greenspokemessengers Says:

    Food karma did me a favour yesterday too. I woke up late with 20 minutes to break fast, make lunch fast and do the morning dump fast (sorry to bring it up but it has to happen to accommodate cycling fast).

    Lunch was a plastic box of pasta with half a tin of chopped tomatoes and some cracked black pepper. Dull makes it sound a bit too exciting.

    Later in the day at this dull office job someone brought in a vat of fudge, free for the taking. Being the only temp in the office, I had to fight the cause adequately so I sprung at it flailing madly so as to alarm all other approaching parties, gathered all I could carry (in mouth, pockets, hands, arms, armpits and so forth) then retreated hissing keeping my back to the exits.

    Food karma allowed me a massive sugar rush that crashed just in time for bed later that night. Bliss.

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