The nicest pigeon in London…

…is called Pedro, lives in the loading bay at ITV, on Upper Ground, and is friends with Fabian, the postroom guy.

Fabian found him when he was tiny, and has been looking after him ever since. He’s completely tame, but Fabian’s going to try and release him into the wild tomorrow, so that he can find a girl, “or a boy, if that’s his thing”. So keep an eye out for him in Soho Square.


3 Responses to “The nicest pigeon in London…”

  1. stupidP Says:

    I think you’ll find that he is the second nicest pigeon in London.

  2. thatmessengerchick Says:

    I don’t think I’d describe that pigeon as ‘nice’! Mind you, Pedro shat in his own water bowl while I was there, so he’s not really all that nice either.

  3. Cake in a Box Lady Says:

    Not a massive fan of pigeons…but he is rather nice looking. Poo’ing in his own dinner though, that’s just nasty. xx

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