Last night I met a woman who jumps off things for fun. (Things like cliffs, and bridges, and hot air balloons, and tall buildings – and yes, with a parachute.) She travels all over the world to do it, and told me how the adrenaline rush affects you emotionally, and how you never know how a jump’s going to turn out – sometimes you’ll cry uncontrollably when you hit the ground, or you might laugh, or something else entirely. And she loves the feeling of not being in contact with any part of the earth; just being suspended above and amongst it, and seeing it beneath her.

And this afternoon I had (yet another) close encounter with a van, after foolishly launching myself into a fast-closing gap on Park Lane, and braced myself for an earful of stupidfuckinbitchgetoutthefuckinroadyafuckinwanker. But the van carried on driving alongside me for a few moments, and the driver leant out of the window, and very calmly – and almost amicably – said

“There’s no repeat button on life, do you know? You don’t get it back again. Once it’s over, it’s over.”

Later on, I nipped into Brixton Cycles to look at forks, and in conversation with one or other of the staff, remarked that I’ve done well over 3,000 miles on the Salsa so far – and then realized that’s the equivalent of crossing a continent, yet I’ve barely been out of central London.

Perhaps there are better places to get my adrenaline fix?


4 Responses to “Epinephrine”

  1. Exenger of Doom Says:

    “There’s no repeat button on life, do you know? You don’t get it back again. Once it’s over, it’s over.”

    I sometimes have to tell myself that after I make stupid mistakes.

    I can’t believe a van driver owuld say something like that. You should have got his registration and reported him for not being a cunt.

    • thatmessengerchick Says:

      A friend texted me the exact same words earlier today (quoted from this post), just a few seconds after I had nearly gone headlong into a black cab, when impatiently overtaking another one that had stopped to let people out in the middle of High Holborn. Perhaps I should have them printed across my bars…

  2. Bassjunkieuk Says:

    I dunno, cycling in London is a pretty good adrenaline fix! Just this morning I did a rather dodgy filter between 2 buses as I was chasing scooters along Millbank – yes I didn’t need to try racing into that gap at nearly 30mph but it felt damn good getting out the other side!! Was a horrid shame that the ped lights ahead went red otherwise I’d have smoked ’em!

    Some people are often surprised when they find out I cycle in London and mention the usual “Aren’t you scared/isn’t that a bit dangerous etc.” but for me that’s part of the fun and I guess it does take a special kind of personality to thrive and enjoy the hussle and bussle of a busy city centre on a bike 🙂

  3. The plastic wilderness « thatmessengerchick Says:

    […] spent a nervous hour this evening waiting for the flying woman outside the Curzon Cinema on Shaftesbury Avenue (my phone had died, so I had no way of confirming […]

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