Another boring post about food

One of the best things about courierering is that it makes you appreciate the simplest necessities of life – food, sleep, shelter – as if they were its greatest luxuries. When you get in from a hard day on the road, a plate of cheap pasta with own-brand pesto is as satisfying as fresh tagliatelle, smothered in freshly picked basil, and served under a Tuscan sunset. After 40 hilly miles in the rain, the mediocre lasagne that Messenger of Doom and I ate in a teashop in Builth Wells tasted so good that I almost cried, and couldn’t stop going on about it for hours. I’ve paid a lot more for food that gave me a lot less pleasure.

And there’s also a certain satisfaction in making the most of what is, after all, one of the most fundamental human impulses. Never have I been such a sensualist. But rather than getting my kicks from champagne, cocaine, air travel, or anything else Sinatra had to sing about, I’m getting off on something I’m supposed to do anyway. It feels gloriously neat and efficient. Why seek out pleasure and purpose from life, when it’s already there, in your clamorous stomach?

So that’s why I think other people will probably find it boring when I go on and on about food. Because they have much more sophisticated ways of seeking fulfilment – like shopping, and transcendental meditation, and recreational drugs, and driving BMWs. I don’t need any of that. I just need this.

It looks like omelette and salad, doesn’t it? Well it’s not. It’s happiness on a plate.

And here’s the first perk of autumn. Remember those blackberries in my front garden?

I picked some.

And I turned them into crumble.

And I went to bed happy.


10 Responses to “Another boring post about food”

  1. Bassjunkieuk Says:

    I always get moaned out by my mates for my apparent dis-regard for what I eat šŸ™‚ I’ve always had a very good metabolism but when combined with 20 miles of riding a day it means I just don’t put on weight!

    I do have to agree tho that food can provide some of the simplest pleasures in life for very little effort, I’ve (or should I say my wife) recently discovered Tesco stir-in pasta sauces, all you need to do is stir them into cooked pasta and you have a delicious meal!

    Quite looking forward to winter so we can get some lamb shanks in the slow cooker all day for some proper warming food……it just falls off the bone then šŸ™‚

  2. Exenger of Doom Says:


  3. Kirk Says:

    Texas style slow smoked brisket. A cheap piece of meat, tough if you cook it too fast but put in the smoker for two hours per pound yummy. That’s one of my favorites and I make a dam good one if I do say so myself. Sometimes I’ll get up early on a day I expect to be slow and cook one. Tend to the few jobs that come up while running back and forth to our house every two-three hours to tend to the fire. Livens up a slow day and you get 6 pounds of tasty meat for dinner. Yummmmm.

  4. stupidP Says:

    For cheap and tasty eats on circuit you could do a lot worse than the Indian YMCA on the SE corner of Fitzroy square. You don’t have to be young, male, Christian or an Indian for that matter to enjoy a simple bowl of dahl and a chapati for Ā£1.50.

    Having said that I invariably spend more, possessing notoriously big eyes in relation to belly. Every table comes equipped with a large jug of tap water, the true mark of a civilised society.

    Arrive at 10 to 12 and spend a few quiet moments under the watchful gaze of Mohandas K Gandhi, reading your 50p Granuid from Chigraths newsagent in Newman street.

    The waiting staff wear white lab coats and pill box hats, I say waiting, they actually clear the tables and the Bulgarian handyman has pockets on the outside of his overalls.

    For free and tasty eats on circuit you could do a lot worse than the Hare Krishna monk on a bike dishing out generous portions of rice, dahl, subji & cake at the SOAS Russell square campus from about 1pm onwards, donations gratefully excepted.

  5. thatmessengerchick Says:

    Ooh! I had lunch with the Hare Krishnas every day for a year (and was finally in the right place at the right time again last Thursday), but I didn’t know the Indian YMCA did cheap food. Will check it out, and report back. Nothing so satisfying as warm lentils on a cold day. šŸ˜€

    Am suddenly thinking it might be a good idea to do a post or two on all the free/cheap food/drink to be had in London. Send me your suggestions, good people, and I’ll review and compile.

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