You don’t own the road you know!

Erm, actually…


8 Responses to “You don’t own the road you know!”

  1. Bassjunkieuk Says:

    I assume that was painted with some of the spare paint from the Barclays Cycle Superhighways…..

  2. thatmessengerchick Says:

    Actually, this would make a really good flyer for an alleycat, wouldn’t it?

  3. trio25 Says:

    Where is that? It’s brilliant!

  4. Exenger of Doom Says:

    Cycle couriers only what?

    Cycle couriers only ride in the rain if they’re getting paid for it?

    Cycle couriers only stop at red if police are watching?

    Cycle couriers only wear SiDi shoes?

  5. Exenger of Doom Says:

    I should get a life

  6. thatmessengerchick Says:

    It’s in a loading bay. I wish they actually had boxes like this on the road though. Just ahead of the ASL, so that I can make a quick getaway from the lights without getting tangled up in commuters.

  7. Exenger of Doom Says:

    That would be ace

  8. thatmessengerchick Says:

    And maybe we could have Fast, Slow and Medium lanes, like they do in swimming pools. Mind you, I get worse road rage in the pool than I do on the road, so not sure that would work.

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