Less than a thousand words

I’ve been far too verbose lately, so here’s some photos to make up for it.

Cycle couriers trying to touch their toes.

And failing.

Godwin pretends it’s an accident that his socks match his bike.

Gordon does not pretend it’s an accident that his tattoo matches his shorts.

Probably the most beautiful coffee I’ve ever drunk – made by Steph at the Fleet River Bakery in Lincoln’s Inn Fields.

Some more celebrity deliveries.

I was more excited by this one.

But I was much more excited by this woodlouse, in St James’s Square.

This is what Fullcity’s cellar used to look like.

Now it looks like this.

I love the incongruity of this shot (Orange Yard en rose).

And the symbolism of this one. (Whatever it could be said to symbolize. I don’t know. Make it up for yourself.)

This cake was far too sweet. Really. I thought it would pick me up out of my two o’clock slump, but it just gave me a five-minute sugar rush, followed by an even worse slump. Not recommended. (It’s the cupcake du jour (or semaine, or mois) from Lola’s on Lansdowne Row, in case you were wondering. Peanut butter and jam. But don’t try it.)

This one was just perfect. Blood orange and almond, from Mrs Marengo’s in Soho. But unfortunately it belonged to Liz, so I only got one bite.


10 Responses to “Less than a thousand words”

  1. Exenger of Doom Says:

    Hah! I saw this a couple of weeks ago: http://www.flickr.com/photos/37423935@N00/4644566174/

  2. Redbike Says:

    Apparently most cyclists / runners are very inflexable and can’t touch their toes.

  3. Exenger of Doom Says:

    Where did you hear that rumour? What is the reasoning behind it?

    FWIW, I can touch past my toes…

  4. thatmessengerchick Says:

    Well I can’t. Nor can lots of other cyclists I know. I’m not sure of the exact physiological reason, but I think it has something to do with very tight hamstrings, and not stretching enough. Feel free to put me right.

  5. Exenger of Doom Says:

    Can’t I put you wrong instead?

    Nah, I’ve heard similar but I wouldn’t say ‘most’ cyclists. Perhaps ‘most cyclists who only cycle and don’t do any other sort of exercise’ or ‘most cyclists who don’t stretch in any shape or form’

  6. Exenger of Doom Says:

    BTW…. yoga and core strength exercise FTW!

  7. Redbike Says:

    “Where did you hear that rumour? What is the reasoning behind it?”

    I heared the rumour from my Physio. When I started to see her she commented that I had tight hamstings from running and a lot of knots in calf muscles from cycling, both of which would cause flexability issues.

  8. Exenger of Doom Says:

    If I remember rightly it’s to do with the fact that the muscular activity involved in cycling is very repetetive and lacking variation in the direction of movement.

    Whatever the reason, if you stretch gently but regularly then your flexibility will improve.

  9. Steff Says:

    When you think about it, with (say) 170mm cranks your feet are never more than 340mm apart fore-to-aft, which is hardly a stretch compared to running or even walking unless you’re a geisha.

  10. Suzanne Says:

    Blood orange and almond, from Mrs Marengo’s in Soho. Noted, i need to pay a visit. Thanks Suzanne x

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