Things I have broken this week

(No records; no hearts.)

My saddle. Well, that’s a new one.

A sweat. It’s not yet cold enough for the merino jersey under the winter jacket. I found this out the damp way.

Another pair of Swrve jeans. Alas.

My cake addiction. Courier Appreciation Day was just too much. I’m eating nothing but boiled eggs and carrots now.


6 Responses to “Things I have broken this week”

  1. EoD Says:

    My old saddle broke my bum. My new saddle broke my bank.

  2. Emmy Says:

    “I’m eating nothing but boiled eggs and carrots now.”

    Until Monday morning. At which point you will come to Fullcity and eat some of the cake I made. I has dulce de leche on top. 😀

    • Emmy Says:

      * By which I mean “it”, not “I”. But I can cover myself in dulce de leche as well. Actually, maybe I will.

  3. Matthew Sparkes Says:

    My hitlist so far this week: one chain, some chainring bolts and a nice mug.

  4. Lee Says:

    I’ve had a few rides on the new saddle (bought because of the butt pain that the old one was causing). I think I’ve come to realise that you can’t really get rid of the pain. You can only slightly change the shape of it.

    • Steff Says:

      Don’t stop looking, Lee. I had a lot of saddly discomfort until I discovered the Koobi Xenon (by accident) which allows even my tender commuter’s arse to do Dunwich in comfort, despite having pretty much zero padding (the saddle not the arse, let it be known).

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