Spring, and all that

It’s spring again, there’s no denying it. And we’ve had a couple of days of very unseasonal heat, and my silly tan lines are coming back, and I don’t like it at all. I feel like we haven’t had enough winter. There hasn’t been a single snowfall since Christmas. I miss cold toes, and wearing five layers, and the cosiness of dark mornings and dark evenings. I know no one’s going to sympathize with this. But I’m bored with spring. I keep meaning to take some illustrative photos of fluffy blossoming trees, but I just can’t be bothered to get excited about them like I did last time around*. I want December back. Spring is too easy.

I don’t know why I’m trying to cling onto the seasons so much this year. I didn’t want summer to end, and I didn’t want autumn to end, and I didn’t want winter to come, and now I don’t want it to end. Why is this? Could I really be getting jaded with the changing seasons? Or is it that I know this wonderful job can’t last forever, and I want time to slow down?

The very worst thing about spring: it’s now impossible to get a park bench to yourself, unlike in January, when it was basically just us and the tramps.

Bah, humbug!


* Though I note from the entry I’ve linked to that spring came about a month later last year. This is interesting, and possibly also alarming.


8 Responses to “Spring, and all that”

  1. marchapple Says:

    Bored with Spring ? …… you’re off your head ! Come to Wales, it’s fantastic here, the swallows are back and the wysteria is about a week or so away ….. pure joy !

  2. adam roberts Says:

    Hi- is it easy to keep Evelyn’s chain tight when she does not have backwards facing track drop-outs?-I remember Andy from Fyxomatosis writing that he thought it was difficult to courier on a road bike fixed conversion because of drop out issues.

  3. thatmessengerchick Says:

    Evelyn’s chain is rarely as tight as it should be, but I’m blaming that more on the egg-shaped chain ring than the forward-facing drop-outs. I’ll replace it sometime, and let you know if the problem persists. Logically, it shouldn’t. I mean, you can still tighten the track nuts just as much, no matter which way your drop-outs face.

  4. devil's food cake Says:

    That pigeon is so fat!

    And also, spring/summer in London isn’t so bad. It’s possibly my favourite city in the world for those seasons. And the very best thing about spring: it means I’m not so far off from returning to Londres.

    Also: tan lines are hot!

  5. devil's food cake Says:

    AHA granted – those are a little odd.

  6. Flochuk Says:

    I wanted to remind you about that time when I ambushed you with snowballs on the corner of Lincoln’s Inn Fields and you got off your bike but were frozen into a cycling position. I had to take you inside and defrost you in front of a giant heat lamp. It didn’t look like you were enjoying being that cold. Winter is nice you’re right, but so are all the other seasons. X

    P.S. Also, first comment.

    • thatmessengerchick Says:

      YAY re. first comment. 😀

      And you’re possibly right about winter. It’s one of those cases where you never remember how painful something is until it happens. Nonetheless, I do remember being happy almost all the way through last winter. Sometimes physical suffering can be pretty superficial, in the grand scheme of things.

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