High Visibility

It happened again.

Different driver, same threats, and a weapon involved this time.

Don’t worry – I’m physically unscathed, just very very shaken. In nearly three years of doing this ‘dangerous’ job, this is the first time I’m actually scared to go to work.

Two more days on the road, and then I’m spending the Bank Holiday week sitting in the middle of a field in Wales. It couldn’t have come at a better time.


11 Responses to “High Visibility”

  1. southlondoncyclist Says:

    Glad to hear your OK. FWIW I often find the best way to deal with exceptionally poor driving or incidents is to try and remember that those people make up a VERY small percentage of the other vehicles that I cross each day.

    Have fun in Wales, been cycling there with some friends and it made for an excellent weekend 🙂 /jealous

  2. Kirk Says:

    Don’t you worry and don’t you fret ’cause we’ve got your back at least that’s how it goes in the A K I’m assuming that’s how they play the game in London town, if you’re not looking out for your sister you can’t even talk to me anymore a threat to one is threat to all.
    People wind up in four plastic bags tossed out of a cessna in my neck of the woods for pullling that shit. just sayin’

  3. commuterbloke Says:

    Fucking scary, this and the previous post. Not sure what’s going on lately but I’ve had a big glut of run ins with drivers (won’t bore anyone with the details), mostly standard stuff and nothing as chilling as this.

    After what we were saying in that other thread about recognising each other by our bikes the thought will have crossed your mind that the new bike is much more recognisable than a black Condor. Wouldn’t be surprised if your cabbie saw the frame first and you second.

    Hope today’s been better and the rozzers are doing the right thing.

  4. susume Says:

    Take care, and enjoy your holidays.

  5. TO-Messenger Says:

    Its probably the heat, it makes people do stupid things. in the space of 2 hours i almost got two door prizes and a cab tring to run me off the road on bishopsgate.

    its no excuse but im guessing these idiots have been sat in traffic for a while and need to vent their anger on an easy or easier target.

    Soon you will have the tranquility of the Welsh valleys and only sheep to contend with.

  6. Kirk Says:

    Sorry about the drunken rambling, stalker types really piss me off. Anyway, good luck and stay safe. Back to my earlier rambling what I meant to say was. “The rest of the messengers should be keeping an eye out for you.” And to add. “Jagger bombs are never a good idea.”

  7. adam roberts Says:

    TMC- did u ever read Selimski’s blog post- I think it was titled Nutters- about a chilling run-in with a cabbie?
    Cycling in London can turn from a delight to nightmare in seconds.Best wishes.don’t let the pricks get you down!

  8. Cudzoziemiec Says:

    Oh dear. And I thought this was going to be about pressure to wear fluorescent shirts. I hope you recover your mental equilibrium soon and wish you a peaceful time in the Welsh grass.

    I doubt if changing your bike would make any difference except to temporarily confuse other cyclists who know you. Non-cyclists are not likely to notice much about a bike except its colour, I reckon. And two in a few days is bad luck – but that’s all it is, not a vendetta. If there was a weapon involved, get the police onto this pronto.

  9. Cudzoziemiec Says:

    Most importantly – glad you’re not injured.

  10. Steffan Davies Says:

    Just seen this. Damn glad you’re unhurt (and envying the Wales trip). Xander’s sticker springs to mind.

  11. Susie Says:

    So sorry to hear you’ve had such a series of nasty incidents. Not at all surprised it has knocked your confidence and sense of personal security. 😦

    Very relieved to know you’re physically unscathed and I hope a break in Wales admiring safe things like lambs and trees and nourishing cake will help to heal the emotional and mental battering.

    Sadly, bullies come in many guises. London cabbies are only one sort – and at least they wear a big warning sign in the shape of their cab. REPORT this kind of abuse, though – either to your company or, where you have a reg no, to the police. Violence and intimidation is unacceptable. Full stop.

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