Much as I love London…

Look at this.

No potholes.

No drain covers.

No traffic lights.

No cars.

No buses.

No fucking taxis.

No pedestrians.

No pigeons.

Just what I needed.


6 Responses to “Much as I love London…”

  1. zero Says:

    No work…

  2. Steffan Davies Says:

    Amen. As soon as I work out a means of subsisting there I’m away to Wales.

  3. Rob Creighton Garrison Says:

    Must feel odd to ride that straight for that long.

  4. Cali-Steve Says:

    Enjoy your holiday! Nice quiet road.

  5. Twitch/ Papa 27 Says:

    I moved out of london bout a year and a half ago and I’ve only recently got a roadbike again. I’m just near Brighton so I go the south down’s above me. Fucking Bliss. Much as I love my battered old soma it doesn’t compare to a decent road bike outside of London.

  6. sam Says:

    I moved out of London years ago but come back regularly to enjoy dodging most of the things on your list (we’ve got lots of potholes here in the sticks as austerity continues to bed in). Pass the Epinephrine.

    Great blog, messengerchick.

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