Oh, this is ridiculous!

I am sitting here feeling that horrible stuffy stir-crazy feeling you get when you haven’t moved from the sofa or opened the window for a whole weekend. It’s laced with guilt and a generous sprinkle of self-loathing. My head’s full of blancmange. I’ll have trouble sleeping tonight. I knew a desk job would do this to me.

But then I just realized – today I started the day with 50 fast lengths in the pool. At lunchtime I cycled a couple of miles to the shops and back. After work I walked at least a mile to a pilates class, did pilates, walked back. True, none of that’s particularly strenuous, and it doesn’t compare to a few hours on circuit, but still – for most people today would count as a fairly active day.

This just confirms my suspicions that couriering has ruined me for normal life.


One Response to “Oh, this is ridiculous!”

  1. Thijs Brobbel Says:

    I hear you sister. I never had the pleasure of doing a messenger gig, however, sometimes I have the exact same feeling when I have a similar weekend. I envy the life of a bike messenger, and wonder from time to time how it would be, and ponder about the idea of becoming one, even though that would be next to impossible here in Holland. Hearing this, I can image that it would do more bad than good…

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