Thank You

I nearly won a blogging award last week.

But in the end I was pipped to the post by the excellent Bike Shop Girl.

I’m still happy. I was delighted even to make it into the nominations, and never expected that an amateur blog like mine would stand any chance against some of the big names I was competing against.

And given that the awards were based on a public vote, I suspect I have a lot of you to thank for my near-success.

So, thank you.


5 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. >L. Says:


    actually i just wanted to let you know that i’ll be in london by the end of the weekend, or maybe next week. depends on how long i stay at the coast.
    if you’re still interested in having a chat and a coffee with me you can send me an email. [i hope my email address shows up somewhere]
    i saw no other way to contact you excuse the spam post //

  2. Loving the Bike Says:

    As you know, I became a fan of your blog during the Crank Honors voting and am so happy to have had the opportunity to meet you. It was very close and I really thought your blog would win the women’s category….but you should still feel very proud.

    Congratulations on proving a great blog to your readers.


  3. devil's food cake Says:

    Congratulations! Your blog is amazing. I know close to nothing about bikes, but I love reading your pieces. They’re glorious. You’re glorious.

    But I do not want to look at the cupcake, I want to eat the cupcake.

  4. Cudzoziemiec Says:

    I didn’t vote for you. I had never heard of this award. But I’ve looked at Bike shop girl’s blog and I must say I prefer yours – it’s more interesting because it’s more personal, as opposed to being a bike mag in electronic format.

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