A tailwind day

Sometimes a day is simply wonderful for no other reason than that you’re in a good mood and there’s nothing wrong with your bike.

And sometimes it gets even better as a result of free food.

I happened the Broadgate Farmers’ Market this afternoon and wandered around eyeing up all the incredible food on offer and wishing either that I could afford it or that someone would give me some.

I finally gave in to my growling stomach and spent £1.50 on a sausage roll (probably the cheapest thing there, although it also looked very impressive compared to the usual Greggs offerings).

And the very nice chap behind the stall recognized that my need was greater than any of the office workers milling about, and threw in a brownie for free.

And it was one of the nicest brownies I’d ever tasted.

Thank you Joe!


One Response to “A tailwind day”

  1. Cudzoziemiec Says:

    It’s good when people are nice for no particular reason.

    But I find it hard to believe that a woman of your standards would eat anything from Greggs, even when skint and hungry. Please!

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