Arsen would like me to point out that the broken Salsa rim in this photo in all likelihood had a manufacturing fault (an invisible flaw in the aluminium), and that I therefore can’t claim to have broken it myself.

Luckily I get to save face.

I was riding along Queen Victoria Street (back on the Condor) this morning, when there was a sudden loud BANG!! and the steering went all funny. My front rim had blown out.

And I’m rather pleased with myself. There’s a certain satisfaction in wearing a component right down till it breaks – at least you couldn’t have got another two weeks out of it. And I bought the wheel second-hand two years ago, and have been couriering on it ever since, so it’s done pretty well, all things considered. And this means I have a full house – I’ve now broken or worn out just about every part of this bike except the frame. It’s a bit like Trigger’s broom.


3 Responses to “Erratum”

  1. marchapple Says:

    Oh dear !

    Chances are then that some other compenent on your bike is at an advanced stage of wear and that it too is about to fail …. buy a new bike ? …. again ??

  2. Redbike Says:

    I’ve never seen anyone happy about having broken their wheel before.
    I’m not sure if I should be congratulating you or sending my sympathy.

    Personally I hate breaking parts as it always means expense and all too often a long walk home.

  3. The details of my bike are quite inconsequential « thatmessengerchick Says:

    […] But I really must stop doing this. […]

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